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Capheine's Vocal Editing Process - Designed for Cool Edit Pro v1.2a
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FAQ Answers

I rarely recieve any questions from people besides them asking for warez and cracks, even though they know I do not give them out. However, if you have a REAL question, feel free to contact me anytime.
E-Mail -
AOL Instant Messanger - CapheineMC

What format should I record and save my vocals in?
I always put my vocals in Wave format. It is at best performance in a 44100Hz Sampling rate. But settings should vary on the channel setting, there are two types: STEREO and MONO. Some of the steps in this tutorial require your vocals to be recorded in STEREO format to be able to edit them. However, when you save your vocals(this is after you have ran through all the steps), make them MONO. Saving them in MONO is not a big issue, but it just gives it that small, extra touch you want to look for in the finished product. However, the beat should always be mixed in STEREO. So remember:
Recording Vocals = STEREO
Saving Vocals = MONO
If you chose to convert your whole song into MP3 format, know that 256kbps bitrate is CD Quality and 128kbps bitrate is Tape Quality. The online standard is usually tape quality, commonly called high fidelity(hi-fi).

My vocals sound distorted with your tutorial?
Most of the people who ask me this use VERY expensive microphones, or already have really good home studio recording set-ups. If you fit this description and question, the only thing I can say is try to skip the Antares Microphone Modeler step in PART 2 and try the process over again.

Tutorial - Part 1
Things You Need and Tips
Tutorial - Part 2
Cleaning Your Audio
Tutorial - Part 3a
Polishing - Special Effects
Tutorial - Part 3b
Polishing - Touch-Ups
FAQ Answers

Audio Samples:
APA Audio 102
Radio Shack Uni-Direct
Sony F-V100
Sony F-V220

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