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Capheine's Vocal Editing Process - Designed for Cool Edit Pro v1.2a
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I get ALOT of Instant Messages from people asking how they can make their vocals sound better using Cool Edit. To try to slow down the amount of questions that get asked over and over with the same answers, I have compiled part of my knowledge of Cool Edit into this tutorial to teach you how to better your quality using this software. I am not going to go too far indepth on the Cool Edit software, but I am going to touch up the basics of the software. If you are a novice skilled Cool Edit user, I suggest you read every word of this tutorial. I have included summaries of what each step does in detail, so you will not only learn what to do, but what you ARE doing.

If you are more interested in "seeing before believing," then you can chose from any of the microphones on the right, under Audio Samples. The ZIP file will contain a before and after audio sample made with that particular microphone's performance using this tutorial. If you are using a microphone that is not listed, please send a before and after audio sample to my e-mail address.

I hope this tutorial helps you out on your quality. If you have any questions about this, you can reach me through the following sources:
E-Mail -
AOL Instant Messanger - CapheineMC

Before contacting me, please do not ask me why this tutorial didn't work for you. I'm sure that this process will not work for EVERY microphone in the world, but when people ask me how to improve their quality, I can only give them my input of what works for me. So if this tutorial doesn't work for you, then you may have to find your own process. My audio samples were done with the Sony F-V220 Dynamic Microphone, which can be found at your local Best Buy store for around $20.00 plus tax. Also, do not ask me for warez or cracked plug-ins because I don't have any! If you are looking for warez, find them for yourself with Morpheus or Kazaa softwares. If you are fine with using demo versions of the plug-ins mentioned in this tutorial, goto The DirectX Files.


Tutorial - Part 1
Things You Need and Tips
Tutorial - Part 2
Cleaning Your Audio
Tutorial - Part 3a
Polishing - Special Effects
Tutorial - Part 3b
Polishing - Touch-Ups
FAQ Answers

Audio Samples:
APA Audio 102
Radio Shack Uni-Direct
Sony F-V100
Sony F-V220

Download the Tutorial

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